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The First Friday of Summer

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The Younger One

Just want to be a Dad right now If you don’t mind.

The Younger One turns thirteen today. Thirteen. Wow.

He is already nearly five-foot nine-inches tall. Broad of shoulder. Handsome (at least to his Dad’s eyes). He is witty and reasonably smart. He is also every bit the thirteen year-old. A little too smart, a little too witty…

He is fun to be with. He is also infuriating. He is thirteen….

Sometimes he gets a little bit lost in the shuffle as Missus and I deal with the issues that life with The Older One inevitably entails. He never seems to mind and we do our best to make it right with him. We will go on Dad-Son weekends, he spends evenings with Mom.

He somehow maintains good humor in the face of difficult times and he tries to make us all laugh when things are rough.

He is sometimes so mature I forget he is only 13. He is sometimes so immature I can’t believe he is thirteen…

So he is thirteen today.

I can’t imagine where the last 13 years went. Wasn’t it just yesterday that I introduced The Older One to his newborn baby brother?

I am proud to be his father. Proud of the young man he seems to be developing in to. There are many rough edges to be sure and I sometimes wish I could apologize to my parents for all I put them through because I see in The Younger One so much of me.

Happy Birthday son.

Kyle at One.  I made this picture to celebrate his first birthday.  He is playing in the new swing Grandma Suzan gave him.

Kyle at One.
I made this picture to celebrate his first birthday. He is playing in the new swing Grandma Suzan gave him.

Weekends in My Life

Here is how this weekend will play out (I hope). I will drive with Missus to the farmers market down the road tomorrow morning. We will pick up our greens and fruits for the week. My bike will be on the roof and I will ride from the farmers market the six or seven miles to the bike shop. There I will change in to street clothes and the store logo polo shirt and spend the day talking bikes and equipment and hopefully sell a few bikes. At the end of the day I will suit up again and ride the sixteen miles home. Dinner on the deck, time with the family.

Sunday much the same minus the farmers market…

Maybe we will cookout on the deck, maybe not. Sit on the porch and relax.

If all goes well, I will ride with the faster group Sunday morning and if all goes well I will get in an 80 mile weekend.

And when it is all said and done, with all things right with my world, I will get to do it again next weekend and the weekends after that.

And I am loving it.


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