A Fat Man's Journey (Working my way back…)

An Attempt to Journey from Fat to Fit in a Lifetime. Eat right, Eat less, Move more

Riding on the 4th of July

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Pushing Past

I decided that today would be a fine day for a solo bike ride of about 50 miles, give or take a couple. I was on the road at 6:50 this morning. Already high 70’s and humidity in the 87% range. It was like riding through a sauna.

The route I planned out would have me begin a two-mile ascent a quart of a mile in to the ride Not very steep but quite long for this fellow. I did ok but it was slow going. The legs had not really loosened up and they let me know that they were not happy about the rude awakening.

I rode strongly overall but I had to dig deep on this long climb. It really is not all that hard and I used to ride it well. Not warmed up, early in the morning, hot, humid… All the excuses I needed were there. I could have dismounted and walked at a couple of points but I didn’t.

I want to stress. This is not really all that hard a hill. It is just long. I pushed past the doubts and I made it. It took me ten minutes (stuck at two lights) but I did make it and I was happy to see the slight descent on the other side.

It is interesting. Once I convinced my brain that the body could do it I relaxed and I rode stronger and stronger as the ride went on. By the ten-mile mark I felt great. The weather was not bothering me. I had a good rhythm. I was cranking along at 18 miles an hour and would sometimes peak at 22-23 on long flats.

It was the pushing past. That is what did it. It was listening to the body and not the brain. The brain was misleading me. The body knew better. The body was willing and able. It was the mind that wanted to give in.

It is the same with eating. It is not the body that is demanding more and more food. It is the brain. Once I push past the brain and its lies I am able to control the eating.

Pushing past.

I can do incredible things when I push past the limits I think are there and try to find the edges of my true abilities. Then I can push past those too. For the record I rode a hair over 48 miles. I averaged 16 miles an hour.

Another Ride in the Morning

Tomorrow I plan to get in a short ride, 25 miles or so. I have a route that I do that will be around that and it is a good easy ride. A good ride to follow 48 hilly miles. This one is about as flat as it can get around here. My plan is to go well past 100 miles for the weekend. If I get 25 in tomorrow on top of the 48 I did today and then another 40 on Sunday then I will be very happy with the distance for the 4-day weekend.

I like early morning rides. Here in North Jersey the roads are quieter and safer and the air is a little better than it will be around noon…. Cooler, clearer. The question will be just how uncomfortable it will be. The current forecast is for 75 degrees and 85% humidity at 7:00 tomorrow morning. I have to be at the bike shop at 10:30 tomorrow so a 7 AM ride is required. Time to ride, shower dress and get to the shop.

I love riding. Can ya tell?

I love the Grill

I love grilling vegetables. I love the flavors. I love the textures. I love the aroma of the vegetables coming off the grill.

Tonight was corn on the cob and sweet potato. I flavor the corn with Old Bay or other spices, no butter or other fats for us. I wrap them in foil and let them cook on the grill for 10-15 minutes. Long enough to caramelize some of the corn, get a little black/brown color to some of the kernels. The sweet potato I cut in half, lay on a bed of sliced onions and wrap in foil and cook for about 20 minutes. The sweet potato gets some good char on it and the onions sweeten up. I also made some tilapia wrapped in grape leaves and seasoned with jerk seasoning. Very tasty. We ate inside tonight because the heat/humidity was just a bit much.

Eating this way is wonderful. The flavors, the textures… AHHHH the aroma….

And I am now 201.8 pounds.

Love the way we eat.

Just Saying Hello and Reminding me it is There

About 15 miles into the ride today I have a visit, however brief, from an old acquaintance. My right knee pain.

It was a surprise. A big surprise and it scared the hell out of me.

Around about 15 miles I suddenly felt pain in my right knee, the surgically repaired knee, that was sickeningly similar to the pain I felt last year when I tore the meniscus. The difference was this pain was not debilitating. When it hit last year I simply could not pedal. The pain was simply to intense. This time it hurt but it didn’t affect my pedaling at all. I was able to climb a pretty steep hill, pedal aggressively on the flats, accelerate when needed despite the pain. Then it was gone. As suddenly as it appeared it was gone. By the 20th mile the knee was back to its old self.

I guess the knee was just saying hello. Reminding me that it is there. Healthy but ready to give me grief if need be.

Strange. Seems like a good idea to pay attention to the knee for a bit and make sure it is just a passing thing…. I will pay carefull attention tomorrow…

I don’t need knee problems… Not right now when everything is coming together physically. The climbs are improving, the ride on the flats is improving.

I hope it was just a quick hello…


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