A Fat Man's Journey (Working my way back…)

An Attempt to Journey from Fat to Fit in a Lifetime. Eat right, Eat less, Move more


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Chatting with a friend

Yesterday a young woman (PD) came over to visit Missus and Me. She is the daughter of a dear friend and she had some questions about her bicycle. She brought it over and I did some adjustments and lubed the chain, tested it out and so forth. She is good to go for rides around the neighborhood.

PD is a young woman I have known since she was a child and I think of her as a niece. She is a smart, thoughtful, and engaging person and we really enjoy her company. She has been on a Journey of her own and she has taken off quite a bit of weight and the looks fantastic. Far beyond the physical, I get a feeling she is looking better within as well. She has followed a path similar to mine. She is not on a diet. She is eating right, eating less, moving more (hence the bike).

As we chatted I saw a great energy in her that I have not seen in sometime. It is a great thing to see. The Journey can take you place that will frighten you, change you, challenge you. She is one of the brave souls who have taken up the challenge.

The distance she has traveled, the lessons she has learned… It was a joy to hear her talk about it and see the joy and the determination on her face and to hear it in her voice.

A Lazy Weekend

I took a vacation day on Friday to work on the house in preparation for a small get-together we hosted on Saturday. I thought I would find a few hours to escape for a ride. Nope. Too busy, too much to do, delays and complications… No ride.

I know riding Saturday would be a stretch but I had hoped I might steal an hour… Not happening.

So I was sure that on Sunday I would get out in the afternoon after our guests had left… Nope, too hot, too stifling…

No ride at all this weekend. Not even one mile. Just a few hundred yards testing my friends bike… Doesn’t count….

And ya know what? I am OK with this.

I didn’t work this weekend at the bike shop so I didn’t lead the 9:00 AM ride. I wasn’t at the shop on Saturday, not at the shop on Sunday. Instead I spent the time with my cousin and his wife and other guests on Saturday and with the cousin and wife on Sunday morning and then I sat on the back deck in the shade of the canopy on Sunday and I did something I rarely do. I relaxed. I did nothing. Not one project around the house, not one mile on the bike. I relaxed. I sat and listened to birds while reading a book and enjoying the light breeze.

While my body may or may not have benefited from this, my mind most certainly did and today I feel a bit more human, a bit more focused.

Once in a while I need to do nothing.

This Sunday last proved to be just such a time.

Time for a Walk

I have not been hiking in quite some time. It is Possible PGB remembers the last time we went. I know it was with MT and PGB, I just don’ remember when. Harriman State Park….


It is time for a hike.

My work schedule makes it difficult but I am feeling the need to walk in the woods and I will have to find the time.

In some ways I feel more of a sense of accomplishment when I hike to the top of a mountain that I do when I cycle 50 miles. I think this is so because for me cycling has always been a mostly solitary activity. I like riding in groups but a group is not always available. Hiking is something I often would do with KG or PGB and/or MT. Keeping up was a challenge when I started out. The trails selected were at the easy end of the spectrum. Now we hike wherever the notion takes us and I am able to hike as well as anyone. This is a great feeling.

Chatting with PGB this weekend about a hike he has planned for September has me thinking about hiking and I am thinking I need to look down at a valley from a mountain peak.

Ready for my Century (almost)

The relative ease with which I can ride 50 miles has me thinking I am about ready for a century ride. I want to improve on the hills a bit and then I am ready to go.

NP, my boss at the bike shop, said something about riding along with me when I decide to do it. That would be fantastic. He is an extremely strong rider and I would be challenged to keep pace with him. He is also a very skilled rider and I have learned from him each time we have ridden together.

He is also good company so a century ride would be fun.

Time to stop thinking about it and start planning it.


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