A Fat Man's Journey (Working my way back…)

An Attempt to Journey from Fat to Fit in a Lifetime. Eat right, Eat less, Move more

Explaining Myself


Who I am

  • I am a husband.  Better than some, worse than others but I am attentive, loving and involved and we have a good time together and enjoy the life we have built. Missus understands my need to get fit and lose the weight.  She has supported me 100% of the way. Missus also understands the benefits the family reaps with me healthier.
  • I am a father.  I have two great sons, each of whom presents their own challenges and joys.  I take them shopping, to parks, the younger and I go for father-son vacations; I take him to ride his bike at the park.  The older one and I eat breakfast together, chat in the morning, and enjoy each other’s company on weekends.  He goes to sleep before I get home from work so I really only see him in the mornings and on weekend afternoons.  We make the most of that time together.
  • I am a brother.  A good brother, I hope.  I love my siblings and I believe I show it.  I wish I could see the west coast siblings more but distance makes it difficult.
  • I am an Uncle.  I am proud of my niece and nephews; I love them deeply and I am proud to say they seem to love me in return.
  • I am a nephew and a son-in-law and my Aunt and Uncle and my Mother-In-Law seem to think I am a pretty good fellow.
  • I am a friend.  I have deep friendships with a few, long-term friendship with several and I am comfortable with them and they seem comfortable with me.  It has never been my goal to have a huge circle of acquaintances’ called friends.  Quality over quantity.

I am that and much more.  I am simple and complicated and I am easy and difficult.  I work hard at my job and I try to do what is best for my family.  Sometimes my efforts have worked out.  Sometimes they have failed, but I never stop trying.

I am open about some aspects of my life, those that I have shared on this blog; I am also very private about other aspects of my life.  Those aspects I have not shared here.  It would be a mistake for anyone to think that by reading this blog they have the full picture of who I am or what my life is like at all levels.

This blog is about my weight loss and fitness efforts.  It is about the emotional and physical changes and challenges of the effort and the motivations for the effort in the first place.  I did not start writing this blog for anyone but me, and I still write this blog for me and me alone.  That so many take the time to read it is nice, it is appreciated and it surprises me.

I am not sure if the change from fat to fit is an obsession or just a new focus and a sign of personal growth but in any case if it is an obsession it is a healthy one and one my family supports whole heartedly.  I now have the energy to keep up with my sons, go on date nights and for walks with Missus, walk around the stores on family shopping trips and on and on.  With my improved fitness I have improved the odds that I will be around long enough to see my younger son grow to adulthood.  I think he would like that.

I write about my weight loss and fitness efforts because by writing it out I come to understand it all better.  Why I got heavy in the first place, how I stay motivated to stay lean and fit.  The simple answer to the first part is gluttony.  I ate too much and I ate too often.  This will result in getting fat.  The harder question to answer has been the why I ate too much and ate too often.  I am not sure I have the entire answer yet but I have come far enough in my understanding that I am able to keep my weight steady without extreme measures.

So there it is.  Who I am and why and for whom I write this blog.  I will keep writing because it helps me stay focused.  I write less often than I did at the start of the blog because I need less help staying focused.  I guess someday I will stop writing the blog all together.  I don’t see that day coming soon but I guess it will come eventually.

If you don’t like my blog or you think poorly of me and my writing and the person you think you see in this blog then feel free to not read it.  I don’t write it for you.  I write it for me.  To those who offer support, encouragement, friendship… Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Explaining Myself

  1. u go dude! i like how u write. i like how your articles can motivate. and i like how u have improved your health, mind & body! keep on keepin’ on

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