A Fat Man's Journey (Working my way back…)

An Attempt to Journey from Fat to Fit in a Lifetime. Eat right, Eat less, Move more



Tough Week

I gained a few pounds this past week.  I stepped on the scale and saw 207 pounds.  Not good.  No excuses.  Simply got careless and ate more than I burned.  Not acceptable.

In the past I might have found excuses.  I would call them reasons of course.  They were excuses.

It was a tough week at work.  I lost a friend.  This excuse, that excuses.   Not acceptable.

Simple fact is I got careless this past week.  I didn’t get in as much exercise as normal and I didn’t watch my quantity…

Back at it.

I will restrict my intake to 1500-1800 calories for the next few days.  Not to force the weight loss exactly, but to refocus on the plan.  207 is not allowed in my world.  Yes, it is below my original goal of 210 but it is also above my desired max of 205.  I will be under 205 when I get home today.  That is a start.  The point is I should never peak above 205.

This is the thing: focus, At all times focus.  If the weight creeps up react positively to it.  Get tighter on the calories, get the exercise back up and make sure the weight comes back down.

It was a tough week all around.  Using that as an excuse to gain weight will result in a 300 pound me and that is not going to happen.  Yes it was a tough week and there will be more tough days, weeks and months.  If I allow tough times to be a reason to over eat… Well, it is not going to happen…

I am too important to me to allow this to continue.

Back to the 1500-1800 calories, back to the exercise, back to doing it.  One week is not going to derail me.

The Other Side of this

Come winter it will be harder to stay active.  That is the other side of my concern with the few pounds of gain.  If I slack off now and allow the plan to fade in to the background then the winter months will be a fertile ground for weight gain.

Planning.  Yes, here it is the early days of August and I am already thinking about winter and how to get through winter without a weight gain.  Planning.

Hikes are a good idea….  I will not be working at the bike shop as much in the winter months so Hikes will be easier to plan.  I can keep warm on winter hikes.  I have never been able to keep warm on winter rides.

For now I am thinking some cycling in the evenings after work and perhaps some evening hikes while the days are still long.

I need to ramp up the calorie burn.  I didn’t burn nearly the calories I normally do this weekend.  The ride on Sunday was 12 miles shorter than originally planned due to time constraints.  I didn’t ride Saturday due to rain.  I still ate as if I burned all those calories.  BAD.  NOT GOOD.


I will not Give Myself a Break.

It is easy to sit here and say that this little spike in weight is not a big deal and I should give myself a break.  I can’t.  I have given myself too many breaks.  Too many times I have accepted that slips happen and a little gain is not a big deal and then I gain more and more and I end up where I don’t want to be.  I don’t want to be fat.  I don’t ever want to see 210 pounds again..  310 is completely out of the question.  NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.  I will not give myself a break.

On Thursday I will observe one year of being at or below 210 pounds.  I am not going to fail to reach two years.  I will not fail to reach one year.  At 207 pounds I am much too close to the 210 pounds for me to accept.  This is a failure.  I know better.  I slacked.  I will not give myself a break on this.  It is not allowed.

Maybe I will hike in the evening this week.  Maybe I will take an evening ride or do some walking at the school track with the Younger One.  Perhaps I will do all three… I know this: I will do something.  I will not sit on my rump in front of the computer and watch my waist expand.

I will not give myself a break for trailing off the plan and losing sight of the goal.

Aiming High

On Labor Day, if the weather will cooperate, I plan to do a 100-mile bike ride, a Century Ride.  I may do it solo if I have no one to ride with me.  I have not finished laying out the route. I know I want to start from somewhere near home so if I have an issue I am not too far afield for rescue…

I want to do this ride.  I have put the High Point Cape May ride on the side for now.  We are not ready for three days in the saddle at those distances.  I still aim high.  I think that doing a century is the next logical step in my growth.  The dedication to the cycling, the time in the saddle, the build in fitness… The Century is a good test for me.

In New Jersey there is a ride called The Longest Day.  It is a 208 plus mile ride from High Point to Cape May in one very long day.  If you are truly fit and capable and a very good rider, you can do the ride in less than 12 hours.  The General Manager of the bike shop in which I work on weekends has done it in less than 12 hours.  To do this, he had to average 18+ miles per hour.  I have never averaged anything close to that on a ride longer than 20 miles.

Still….  I am thinking about it.

A man my age…  Doing that ride…

Not easy.

If it was easy everyone would do it.

The century is a step in this direction. Continuing to challenge myself to higher levels, better fitness and higher levels of performance is how I will stay in shape, keep the weight off, keep myself focused and motivated.  Maybe The Longest Day is the next step after the century…  A double C..

How do you keep focused and motivated?


2 thoughts on “Sliding

  1. For me, I stay motivated with a long-term goal, specifically marathons, either half or full ones. It worked to help me stay off cigarettes when I quit 4 years ago, after struggling to quit smoking for many years, and since then it serves as my main motivation to go out and jog a few times a week.

    Best wishes with your Century Ride! I hope you get a friend to go with you, for safety’s sake. Cheers.

  2. Great Post. It’s good for those of us still struggling that even someone with as long a success as you’ve had still struggles. You can beat this–you have the heart and mind to do it!

    Good job! Good luck with the Century!

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