A Fat Man's Journey (Working my way back…)

An Attempt to Journey from Fat to Fit in a Lifetime. Eat right, Eat less, Move more

A Thursday Night in October

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Thoughts about this and that

Missus and I went to dinner with our friends on Sunday. Dear friends. We don’t see them nearly often enough but we try to make the most of it when we can. It was a delicious diner at a nice place in a small town near our friends home. The food was excellent. The conversation even better. The company….

MAA, the Missus in the couple, and SA, the Husband, are two of the most caring and genuine people I know. Being with them is always a joy.

I try not to talk so much about the weight loss and the fitness as I used to. I am afraid of seeming to be a one trick pony. I don’t want to bore my friends. It inevitably comes up. How could it not. These are friends that knew me at my largest.

MAA told me that she had been so worried about me. I was getting so big and it didn’t seem to have an end. Every time they saw me it seemed I had gone up another ten pounds.

I wish someone had told me that they were worried about me. No one but my Doctor ever did.

Bicycling Magazine posted a question on Facebook. They asked the readers what was their favorite ride. I thought about it and I realized (and answered in kind) that my favorite ride was the 8 miles I rode on my birthday in March of 2012. Just back on the bike, the 8 miles was a true struggle but it was significant in the milestone it represented. It is my favorite ride for that reason.

I have ridden nearly 2400 miles this year.

A friend has more than 4000 miles in. Others have numbers in that range. My 2400 doesn’t seem like all that much I guess. To me though it means a great deal because every one of those miles took me further from the me I was and closer to the me I will be.

And my favorite mile was the first one I rode last year on my birthday as I started my 8 mile ride.

The road to fitness and health starts with the first healthy meal and the first step taken.

It will be a challenge to get in the hikes and walks this winter if I am working every weekend in the Bike Shop. I am not sure they will need me. Things slow down in bike shops in the northeast in winter… I hope I can get in the hours and that they do need me.. If not, then finding time for hiking will not be so difficult after all….

I went on a hike with PB and MT one weekend day. It was to Harriman State Park in New York. Beautiful place. I had taken a couple of “easy” hikes with MT and PB there. This hike was to me much harder. Steeper climbs and a longer distance.

A hike this past Winter.  You have to know where I was to understand what it meant to me to be there.

On top of the world, November 2012

I was concerned. I didn’t want to be the one who slowed us down or who couldn’t make the climbs…

My friends were encouraging and seemed confident.

The hike was wonderful. We went up steep trails and I did them nearly effortlessly. It was wonderful. The sense of accomplishment….



I have been drifting. I looked at the chart and my calories have been drifting up. So has my weight. I drifted. I drifted from the plan. Maybe I lost sight of the goal a bit. I stopped watching so closely. Though I was recording everything I eat I was not really watching the calories tick up. I also was not watching the weight as carefully. Still weighing myself every morning I was not paying as close attention and I actually forgot to record the weight for nearly a week.

209 pounds showed up awfully fast. I gained 6 pounds FAST.

Not acceptable. I am not willing to be 209 pounds. I am ten pounds heavier than I was one year ago today. Not anywhere close to acceptable.

This morning I rededicated myself to the goal, I recommitted to the plan.

I am not proud of this drifting and I am not willing to accept it as an inevitable occurrence. I do not believe weight gain is inevitable. Weight gain comes from losing sight of the goal and drifting from the plan.

Tonight it was flounder and quinoa with onion, red pepper, mushroom and broccoli. Small, controlled portions. Breakfast was my usual cereal and fruit with half a cup of low-fat milk. Lunch was a pouch of tuna.

This is all more fish then I have been eating recently. Less vegetarian that is for sure.

The calories are what counts and I kept them low.

Tomorrow will be more of the same. And the day after that.

Back to the plan. Refocus on the goal. Adjust as need to keep the momentum moving in the correct direction. Get the bike on the rollers. Get out and walk, hike… Eat Right. Eat Less. Move More. DO NOT ACCEPT FAILURE.


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