A Fat Man's Journey (Working my way back…)

An Attempt to Journey from Fat to Fit in a Lifetime. Eat right, Eat less, Move more



I am tired.

I so want to relax

I can’t

But I want to.

I think about this Journey all the time. I never seem to stop. I never have a day where I am not thinking about the plan, the goal, the Journey.

I am tired.

There are times I just want to let go. I just want it to be easy. I want a day where I eat with abandon, I don’t walk, count my step, count the calories burned, the calories consumed. One day.

But I know.

One Day… It is never one day. It never has been one day. It will not be one day.

One day becomes two.

You know.

The dominos fall.

Three days.

Five Pounds

Ten Pounds.

A week.

A Month.

20 Pounds.

But I am tired.

Working 7 days a week.


Eating right

Eating Less

Moving More

Every day.



Every Freaking Single Solitary Day

I am tired.

I am staying the course.

Following the Plan

Focused on the Goal.

Traveling along on this Journey of Mine.

But sometimes I think…. One day… One day of eating with abandon, sitting around the house doing nothing, a glass of milk and some of Missus delicious Chocolate Chip Cookies…

But It is never one day. It is never just a few chocolate chip cookies.

So I stay on the Plan. Eyes on the Goal. Travel the Journey.

Because I saw my old self today. A man my age. A man my height. A man the size I was once not so long ago..

I wanted to tell him. I wanted to show him a picture, tell him how I did it. I couldn’t. I didn’t.

It was my old self. A reflection in life.

Like looking in the fun house mirror. There was no mirth. No laughter.

A memory stirred.

I am tired.

But I saw my past reflected back at me today.




Don’t give in

Stay on the Plan

Stay on the Journey.


4 thoughts on “Reflection

  1. It’s just November…hang in there.

  2. (I mean: November is always hard to deal with! Realized that wasn’t too clear once I hit post.)

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