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Another Reason I love Cycling


Tomorrow’s Ride

Saturday Morning.


It will be cold

Not bitter

Not awful

But Cold

And I will go for a ride.

25 miles or so.

Parsippany to Boonton to Denville to Parsippany.

Early on a Saturday morning in late November.

A Bike ride

With about 100 other riders.

To buy, and then deliver, turkeys so others, less fortunate than us, may have a happy Thanksgiving.

IMG_3449Why do we do this?

I can’t speak for others so I will speak for myself

I am doing it because I can. Because I can ride the distance, afford the turkey and I want to give something of myself to others who have a need. I am doing this because it is a way for me to give back to the sport I have come to truly love. I am doing it because I will get to ride with other people of like-mind. Each of us on this ride will have their own reasons but we will all have one goal. The goal is to help others.

I do it because I am Thankful for all that I have.

On Saturday I will ride so others can have a good holiday.

I am excited about the ride. The spectacle of 100 riders on a cold morning cruising through towns with frozen turkeys on our backs… It will be an experience and I am sure it will be all levels of fun. Missus has made cookies for the riders. After all that riding, cookies will be a welcome treat I hope.

I hope I don’t end up walking up Vreeland Avenue or Main Street. I was sick all week but I think I am recovered….

No room for excuses…

I think of cycling as a pure activity. Like running, it is an expression of the physical and the mental self. It is you, your bike, the road, and your physical and self-imposed limitations.

Tomorrow will not be a race. Tomorrow will be a ride. It will have one overriding purpose: To help others.

This is one more reason I love cycling. It is another way for me to share. To give. And I get to do this with many people I hardly knew a year or two ago and now I think of as friends.

It is the essence of what I think cycling is, at least what it is for me. It is community.  It is friendship.

It is




3 thoughts on “Another Reason I love Cycling

  1. What a wonderful cause. I hope you’re feeling better and are able to complete the ride.
    Good luck, tomorrow.

  2. Marty’s Reliable, correct? I also hope that you Completed the Ride, the Way that I’m sure that YOU wanted to…Strong and Feeling Healthy. It’s a Great Idea that someone had… and Great that So Many People are able to Participate and Help the Less Fortunate. Good Job Mark!

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