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An Hour is such a small thing to give

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I will do almost any sort of ride for a good cause….

When it comes to charity rides you can usually count me in.

This past season I took part in

  • The Ride for Autism: fundraiser for Autism Research
  • The Five Boro Bike Tour: fundraiser for cycling education and safety
  • The Discover Hartford Tour: fundraiser for transportation alternatives in the Greater Hartford Area
  • The Hub on Wheels Tour of Boston: fundraiser to promote transportation alternatives in Boston,
  • NYC Century: Fundraiser to promote transportation alternatives in NYC
  • Turkey Bike: to supply turkeys and other food stuffs as well as monetary donations to The New Jersey Food Bank for Thanksgiving

Today I took part in a truly unique fundraiser. The bike shop where I work set up a trainer with a car alternator attached. The alternator powers the lights on the Christmas tree in the store. If you could ride it for an hour without stopping your pedaling even once then the store will donate a dollar a minute to Toys for Tots. Toys for Tots, Turkey Bike V… just a couple of the reasons I am proud to be associated with this store.

So I took my turn at 11:00 this morning.

Pedaling my heart out for Toys for Tots.  You can see the toys people have donated sitting around the tree...

Pedaling my heart out for Toys for Tots. You can see the toys people have donated sitting around the tree…

It was a hard hour.

Think about it. You cannot stop pedaling. Not even once. Not even for a moment. If you do then the lights go out. There are a few things at play here. The alternator gives some pretty serious resistance and we need to keep the cadence up pretty high to make sure we produce enough energy. AND you can’t stop pedaling. Try it some time. Try pedaling for one solid hour at a good cadence and high resistance. When we ride we coast. We do it all the time. We coast around corners, we coast on the downhill and sometimes we take a moments break from pedaling even on the flats.

We rarely pedal for a solid hour nonstop.

It was a hard hour but well worth it for the charity.

Tomorrow or Tuesday I will pick up some toys and donate them to Toys for Tots.

Every child deserves a happy holiday season.

This is a way to help that happen.

If you are in North Jersey please look us up and consider dropping off some toys. If you are elsewhere please consider dropping a toy or two off at a local collection site.


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