A Fat Man's Journey (Working my way back…)

An Attempt to Journey from Fat to Fit in a Lifetime. Eat right, Eat less, Move more

Time Passes

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Is it only two years already?

Today is December 20. In seven days it will be two years since I began this Journey.

I didn’t know it was coming. I wasn’t making plans. I had made no “After New Year’s things are going to change” pledges or oaths. I was cruising along, fat, lazy, heading towards the cliff blissfully ignorant.

I had started walking that autumn. I was driving up to the Preserve and walking the easy trails. Exhausted after a couple of miles… I was walking. Then I would stop at a burger place in Tarrytown and chow down…

I was not thinking change. Not on December 20, 2011. I wanted to lose weight but I was still hoping for some sort of magic to happen. A pill. Surgery? Something that would take the 100+ extra pounds right off of me as I passively watched it melt away…

December 27 was still seven days away. I didn’t know it was meaningful. December 27 meant nothing to me. I was four days from the Christmas Eve Party at the home of our friends. I was looking forward to the mountains of food. The roasted fresh ham. The lasagna. The vats of seafood in tomato sauce. The pasta, the cheeses, the breads, the cakes.

I was not anywhere close to changing my life. I was still planning gluttony. I was not planning to change my life. I had not yet realized I needed to.

Is it really only two years already? It at once feels longer and shorter.

Can a life change so quickly as mine seems to have changed? So completely? Two years ago I was still on the slippery slope. I was still sliding towards an early end to the story.

Two years ago I was nowhere near changing. I was so much closer than I knew.

Warm Weather

This weekend is expected to be unusually warm for Northern New Jersey in December. Fifty+ on Saturday. Sixty+ on Sunday.

Can you guess that I plan to ride my bike?

Can you say SUNDAY SHOP RIDE??

I sure can! I just hope it doesn’t rain….


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