A Fat Man's Journey (Working my way back…)

An Attempt to Journey from Fat to Fit in a Lifetime. Eat right, Eat less, Move more

Considering it all.


The Blog Turns Two

I have been writing this blog just a few days more than two years now. I have written about the pain, the confusion, the joy, the fear, the conquests, the failure, and the pleasures of this Journey.

I am so glad that I have done so. I the two years of writing this blog I have “met” so many wonderful people who have shared with me their Journey, who have encouraged me and consoled me.

I don’t write as often now. There is less to write about. I am in maintenance mode now. No longer fighting to take the weight off. The weight is gone. Now I fight to keep it off. I am holding steady in the fight. I have good weeks and bad (this past week was not so good) and the weight swing a few pounds up and a few pounds down. I am 209.6 as I write this today. I lost my streak of days under 210 when I hit 211 and then climbed all the way to 215 a week ago. Fighting the good fight, it is coming back down. I got careless around the holidays, went out to lunch and dinner a few times more than was prudent.

I could blame the weather. It has been nasty cold here and walking has been hard, riding has been (for me) impossible. Blaming the weather is the easy way out and it is also inaccurate. It still comes down to calories in versus calories out. I had to many come in for the amount that was going out.

Fixed that.

Back on Plan

Stay focused.

Fat is something I will not allow myself to be.

Thank you for reading this blog the last two years. I hope the blog will be worthy of your continued attention.

Dinner with Friends

On 7 January I went to dinner with “the guys”. PB, MT, TM, ND, SA and me. Italian restaurant. The same one where I eat my once a year pizza. I had a stuffed eggplant appetizer as my main dish and a vegetable soup.

Very good.

No dessert. Just coffee.

Good conversation.

I was quieter than usual I think. I listened much more than I spoke.

I was thinking about how difficult it is for us to all get together. We are busy with work and families. ND moved to Taiwan. Where once there were nine of us there are now six.

I was thinking about the friends who were not there. Joe was the first to leave us. We were closest of friends at the time he died. I am still trying to move on from losing him though it has been four and a half years. Wally was my closest friend for many years. He was the next to leave the party too soon. He left us less than a year after Joe. Then Chris left. Just this past year. I am still resisting the urge to pick up the phone and call him when we plan these dinners.

So I was quieter than usual for me. I listened to my friends and I interjected a bit here and there.

I really was just trying to absorb the evening.

Something I care about

Twenty-two and a half years ago my older son was born. First born child to Missus and me. A Boy!! Cute. All the right parts in all the tight places.

Big Ears

Danny and Daddy.  Danny is about 2 months old

Danny and Daddy. Danny is about 2 months old

Blue eyes

Lusty cry


He was six months old when we first really became concerned but it was earlier that we sensed something wasn’t quite right.

He cried and screamed violently if Mommy wasn’t near. And he would cry that way for hours until Mommy was back. Friends who had so enthusiastically offered to baby sit now begged off because no one can really handle a baby who cries like that.

He didn’t sit up. He didn’t engage with toys. He became animated only when Mommy and Daddy were with him.

Eventually there would be a diagnoses though it took a long time to come.

Fragile X Syndrome.

From the moment of conception our sweet little boy was destined to have significant mental delay and behaviors in the Autistic Spectrum.

Danny about 9 years old.  He still has a wonderful smile

Danny about 9 years old. He still has a wonderful smile

For 22 and half years we have raised and loved this child. We have lost friends who didn’t understand. We have become estranged from family who wouldn’t understand. And we love our son. We often feel isolated. We often feel alone. Though we have loving friends and family who are wonderful with Danny and patient with the difficulties we face, it is not always easy. It is rarely easy.

In 2012 I saw a poster or flier or something that directed me to the Ride For Autism. I really no longer remember how I found out about the ride. My friends KG and NI agreed to ride it with me and as I had just started the Journey it became my focal point for my training.

I did the 50-mile ride. I struggled. But I finished and in so doing I formed a bond with this ride. It is now my most important ride each year.

It seems fitting (to me anyway) that the ride is June 7 this year. Danny’s 23rd birthday.

My inspiration, my light, my love. Danny

My inspiration, my light, my love. Danny

This year I am aiming to do the 100 mile distance. A Century in cyclist speak.  There are shorter distances and anyone can pick any distance.

The notion of doing it 2 years ago was laughable. I know I can do it this year. Build the base miles. Work on the weight and the fitness and the endurance. Do the ride.

There is no fund-raising required for this ride, just the entrance fee. Last year I thought I would try to raise additional funds and I asked people for donations. To my amazement, $1450.00 was donated by my friends and families and by some of the readers of this blog. I am profoundly and eternally grateful.

This year I am doing the ride again. I have put together “Danny’s Team”. So far there is one other rider  who has signed up as a member of Danny’s Team and there are several others who have told me they will.

I hope we put together 10 or so riders and that each of the riders is able to raise a few dollars from friends and family and that we, as a team, can raise $5000.00.

The purpose of the ride

  • To raise funds to be distributed to other tax exempt organizations that serve individuals with autism and their families
  • To raise awareness about autism in the community
  • To provide and opportunity for individuals with autism and their families to engage is recreation and socialization.

Seems like a good thing to me.

So here are the links if you are interested in knowing more. If you cycle and you are in the area I hope you will consider doing the ride and if you do I hope you will consider doing it as part of Danny’s Team

Ride For Autism

Danny’s Team Page

Danny’s Team Facebook Page

If you don’t cycle and you care to contribute I can only offer you my heartfelt gratitude and the assurance that the money is going to a worthy cause.

If you don’t wish to contribute or can’t, I understand and I  thank you for your friendship on this blog.  The friendship has encouraged me and inspired me and that has allowed me to get to this point in my Journey.


2 thoughts on “Considering it all.

  1. Congrats on turning two. And thank you for introducing us to your son with the beautiful smile! :-).

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