A Fat Man's Journey (Working my way back…)

An Attempt to Journey from Fat to Fit in a Lifetime. Eat right, Eat less, Move more

Walking the Line

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Being Good

Two days now. I have followed the plan again for two days now. Light but filling breakfast (1 cup of cereal, 4 ounces of milk). Light snack mid morning (Hummus Chips). Light lunch (pouch of tuna with hot sauce). Filling dinner (tonight it was homemade vegetable soup and naan). Later I will have a light snack.

I should come in around 1600 calories for the day. In a couple of weeks I should be back to 205 pounds. Then I can ramp up the calories again and work at maintaining weight.

Never think for one minute that this is easy.

A friend told me that I should not concern myself with a ten-pound weight gain. I told the friend that he is wrong. Ten-pounds is exactly the point at which I should be VERY concerned. Ten become fifteen becomes twenty becomes…

Please note: I am not starving myself to get to my weight. I am eating a very nutritious, very filling and enjoyable menu and I am watching it carefully. I am not burning the calories I am consuming and I am gaining weight. The answer is to ramp back on the calories. Right now I cannot ramp up on the burn. Walking up and down stairs is an adventure right now.

So I like the way I feel right now about how I am working on the weight. I am getting back on top of the plan and I am doing what has worked for the past two years.

I am being good.


I am all about plans.

I have plans about rides I want to do and I have plans about the weight I want to get to and I have plans for my future and my career. Even at my age I still plan for my career.

I hope to get out of the industry I am in one of these days. I would love to have the chance to scale life back a bit and live a simpler existence. It isn’t easy but I am working on it.

If I had discovered it earlier in life I would love to work full-time in a bike shop. I love dealing with the people and I love being around bikes. Maybe it is too late but I think about it and I am trying to figure out how I could do it and still properly care for my family.

My biggest plan this year for myself is to ride 4000 miles for the year. It will not be easy to get there and this miserable winter has not helped but I am not going to let excuses take over. The good weather is coming.

Getting Better but it is SLOW

My head is still not right. I am still lightheaded and my balance is still off. I am fine when sitting but anytime I am upright I feel not quite right. I slept ten hours last night though it was a fitful sleep. Whenever I rolled over or moved at all I would awaken from the pain in my shoulder and neck. Both are getting a little better and my ribs barely hurt now.

I will say my head feels a little better. I don’t fear falling on steps the way I did on Monday and Tuesday, even into Wednesday. I don’t remember much of Sunday. That surprised me. I read today that this is not unusual after a concussion.

Still I do feel progress is being made. I know I should have listened to my doctor and taken more than one day off from work to rest but I need this job and they have an infantile attitude towards illness there.

I will work at the bike shop this weekend because it really doesn’t tax me and I enjoy it and I know they will be understanding if I need to rest. It is good to work with good people.

I expect I will be mostly back to me by the end of next week. That is what I was told to expect. I am stunned, frankly, by just how awful this feels.

The weather will be bike ride-able this weekend. It is killing me that I can’t ride.

Of well.


One thought on “Walking the Line

  1. Congratulations! I stopped keeping track of my weight for a while. Now I, too, have activated my panic mode. Should know the results in two weeks. Standard operating procedure!

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