A Fat Man's Journey (Working my way back…)

An Attempt to Journey from Fat to Fit in a Lifetime. Eat right, Eat less, Move more

Another day of behaving

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This is how

I mentioned my weight had spiked.

It is coming back down.

I have said it often.

I will say it again.

Weight loss is accomplished by making good decisions one decision at a time.

Each time I am presented with the opportunity to eat I have to make a decision. If I make a good decision, the right decision, I will maintain my weight or I will lose weight. If I make a bad decision, or enough bad decisions, I will gain weight.

So the last few days I have been working at making the right decisions. Good decisions. Eat the right foods in the right quantities.

If I keep doing this I will have my weight back to 200 pounds.

If I don’t then I will gain weight and if I let it go on long enough I will be 300 pounds again.

This is how it happens. This is the secret to weight loss or weight gain. Making decisions. Good or bad. It is all about the decisions I make.

The last three days I have been making good decisions.

I was 214.0 pounds this morning. Moving back in the right direction. Not every morning will show a weight loss. Some will show a gain. The secret is keep making the good decisions. The weight will come back off.

Feeling a little better

I don’t really remember much about the head concussion I had as a child. I remember the hospital and being frightened. I don’t remember much how I felt.

I have never really thought much about it. I recovered. I went back to school. I don’t think it occurred to anyone at the time that the head concussion and my difficulties in school that year might have been related…

I will remember this concussion. Well, I will remember what my concussed brain lets me remember.

I have not felt “right” since it happened. light-headed, off-balance, achy. My head hurts. My neck hurts. I feel “not myself”. I am forgetful. I tell someone something and five minutes later I tell them again. Missus asks me a question and I have no idea what she is talking about.

I am told by those with advanced degrees in this sort of thing that this is all quite “normal” for the situation. The brain does not like being bounced around inside the skull and it will let me know this in no uncertain terms.

Yesterday I could not balance on one leg.

tightropeUnderstand this. My ONLY athletic ability of note is a good sense of balance. It is why I am so good at riding a bike. It is why I can ride a bike with no hands on the bars as well as I do. I used to ride all through my neighborhood no-handed, turns and all. I even rode up and down hills no-handed. My sense of balance is why I rarely fall on ice. I am a Weeble. I wobble but I don’t fall down.

Except (it would seem) on skis.

I have always been good at standing on one leg. I could always walk on narrow beams without falling. I have a good sense of balance.

This week I have felt out of balance. I would have to lean against walls or doorways if I was standing and talking to someone. I drifted when walking…

When I tried to stand on one leg I would stumble over and have to catch myself.

Today I was able to stand on one leg for a few minutes.

This is a good sign.

My balance is returning.

I still have a headache. I still feel lightheaded and my neck still hurts. My balance is returning and this is a big positive for me.

I understand concussions a great deal better than I did…. I think next time I cross-country ski I will wear a helmet….


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