A Fat Man's Journey (Working my way back…)

An Attempt to Journey from Fat to Fit in a Lifetime. Eat right, Eat less, Move more

And Today? A Hike


Yesterday was a success

I had a short ride yesterday. This was my first ride since September 13. It was just 11 miles. 14.9 miles per hour average. This is a very short and slow ride for me. I am good with that. The point is I was able to ride. The best news is that I had no pain in my shoulder and only minor stiffness after the ride.

All that said I am smart enough not to push it. Though the weather here is truly magnificent for mid-December, I know better than to try to ride two days in a row at this point. Risking damage to the shoulder is not a good plan so I am taking this victory and savoring it. The shoulder gets to rest until Tuesday at my next PT session.

The ride did point out just how far my fitness has fallen. Much work to do…

The Plan for Today

I sent a text to a friend asking if he was up for a hike and I am glad to say he is available and ready to go. Early afternoon we will meet at a local park and get in a few miles.

This is not my first hike since the surgery. Fact is I have gotten a couple in since the surgery. One was easy and the other one was technically difficult. Both went well.

I now feel I am ready to hike with MT and PGB again. Good and fit hikers. I wanted to make sure the shoulder would not be any sort of issue and I am now confident it will not hinder me hiking. Only my deteriorated fitness will hold us back but I can push on through that…

Not sure how many miles MT has planned.


12359861_10153295089061593_7166576622616161929_nBack to what Worked

I had to go back on my blog posts and my other writings to remind myself how I was able to take off the weight and keep it off for the better part of three years. I needed the reminder of what worked.

I am back on plan now. I am counting the calories, doing the daily weight checks, watching the activity level, counting the calories burned. I reset up my weight tracking spreadsheet. Have it always opened on the desktop, got the app working on the phone again, recording everything I eat.

It is what worked. I thought I could “live a normal life” but I have to recognize that simple fact that when I let down my guard, when I stopped doing the work, stopped watching every little things, started to allow for indulgences the weight started to climb again. I can easily imagine ballooning up to the 300+ pounds I was. That cannot happen. I cannot allow that. Back to what worked.

Much to do, much to undo.

2 thoughts on “And Today? A Hike

  1. Thanks for being honest with your journey. . . it is a DAILY battle, that I may not be winning currently, but I am still trying . . . it’s the daily accounting that I need to do that will make the difference. Glad you are back, too!

  2. FYI: I got a VivoActive after my last fitbit one died. . . miss seeing your steps. . . .
    Are you garmin yet?

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