A Fat Man's Journey (Working my way back…)

An Attempt to Journey from Fat to Fit in a Lifetime. Eat right, Eat less, Move more

Exhaustion and Temptation and Being able to say no to Myself

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I am tired today. Very tired.

I had a poor night of sleep and a stressful day. I sometimes wonder why I didn’t go after that job as a cannonball catcher….

I had more to do today than I could fit in the day and yet I somehow got most everything done.

In the past when exhausted and stressed I would feed the exhaustion and comfort the stress with more food.

Not a good recipe if you plan to return to a lean and fit state.

And then there were the temptations.

A coworker brought in doughnuts from a local bakery. The looked so good and I had only a vegan muffin (160 calories) for breakfast… Surely I could afford a doughnut….

No, I didn’t have one. Somehow, I am really not sure how, I was able to tell myself no and it stuck. I didn’t overrule myself. I did not have the doughnut.

Lunch rolled around and a vendor offered to take the buyer-planner for my plant and I out to lunch. I agreed to go. We went to a sushi buffet. I had one medium sized plate of food, some fruit and salad. That’s all.   I didn’t indulge. I didn’t overeat.

Light dinner tonight, a sweet potato and bean veggie burger on a half a pocket pita, some vegetable stir-fry. Stayed within my calorie limits and combined with the eight miles I walked at the plant today, I am in good shape for the day.

But it was hard.

And I am tired.


I Don’t do Endorsements

I don’t do endorsements. I have been asked on several occasions, particularly after this blog was picked as a “Freshly Pressed” blog. No money mind you (though I would have still said no) but free samples for a favorable mention in the blog: weight loss products (which I abhor), diet foods (yuck) and so forth. I simply don’t do endorsements.

With that said, I want you to know about a cookbook I bought (emphasis on I BOUGHT).

It is a vegan cookbook and the recipes are fantastic. Many of the meals we now eat are prepared with recipes from this cookbook. With nothing to gain from this, I just wanted to share it with you:

Laura Theodore’s Vegan-Ease.

Missus has fallen in love with the cookbook and has made close to a dozen of the recipes now. We have some favorites of course but none that we have not liked.

Here are pictures of three of the dishes Missus has made form the recipes in the book:  Pasta with Arugula, green beans and tomato, Hungry Man veggie burger, and White bean and Kale soup with Carrot and Pasta shells.

Just wanted to share it with you. If you are interested in a vegetarian or vegan diet this book is a good place to start.


New Bike

It has been hard to stay focused through the injury and the surgery and now the rehab. Work has caused me to miss a few of the PT sessions and the shoulder is really hurting tonight.


To give me inspiration and to help me focus on fixing the shoulder and getting back to a good level of fitness I decided to build a new bike. I bought a frame from All-City Cycles and I am selecting and buying the components to build it up to a bike. It was fun talking parts with the bike shop owner and the mechanics and other customer advisors. The parts are coming in now and soon I will have all the parts I need to build up the bike. Staying focused on this project and knowing what I need to do to be able to ride is keeping me motivated through the rehab and the weight-loss.


Rode my bike, took a hike.

I know I wrote about this but I wanted to write a little more.


On Saturday I was able to ride. It was a short ride, 11 miles, and it wasn’t a fast ride, average speed a little under 15 miles per hour, but it was a ride and the shoulder didn’t hurt during the ride. It was very stiff later than night. It hurts right now but I think that was from doing something stupid Sunday night. The point is that it is progress and I feel great about it. Soon I will put the bike on the trainer and I will start to pedal a few nights each week. This will help get me fit. I am getting more and more excited about spring. I am starting to believe that I can ride my bike again. Not sure if I can explain how concerning it has been for me, the prospect that the shoulder would not let me ride often or well. Or at all.


On Sunday, with tired legs, I went for a short hike with a friend and his father. We had steep climbs, steep descents, beautiful views and good company. I truly enjoy hiking. It is a different thing for me than riding and I enjoy the difference. The best part is I can do it without worrying much about the shoulder. Just have to get the legs in motion and take it as whatever pace the body would like that day.


With the unusually warm December we are enjoying, I am able to get out and hike a little more than I might otherwise.


It is all good right now. Cycling looks like it will be there for me, hiking is there for me, they both help ease the stresses of life and work.


It’s all good




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