A Fat Man's Journey (Working my way back…)

An Attempt to Journey from Fat to Fit in a Lifetime. Eat right, Eat less, Move more

Tales from the day….

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Don’t ya love Insurance Crooks… I mean companies….

Before the insurance company would approve my shoulder surgery they required that I have six weeks of physical therapy, twice per week.

The PT didn’t work and so eventually the surgery was approved.

Then, of course, after the surgery I needed physical therapy.

Six weeks, twice per week.

Except the insurance wouldn’t pay for the full six weeks. PT is capped at 20 sessions per year.

Today I learned I am at 21 sessions.

No more PT.

I will have to continue to do the work on the shoulder on my own. I hope I don’t screw something up.

Had they not insisted on PT for a condition the Doctors told them would not be helped by PT I would still have sessions yet to go.

Great system we have.

 Eat Right, Eat Less, Move More.

This has been my mantra since I first started this journey. Still is. Today I had a vegan muffin for breakfast and two packages of tuna for lunch (still not all the way to vegetarian) and a reasonable dinner of whole wheat pasta with vegan pasta sauce.

Calories are right where I want them to be.

Healthy. Low in calories.

Eat Right, Eat Less

I also walked six miles at work today.

Move More.

I am down 8 pounds.

It is a start.

 I never said I wouldn’t fail. Not even once.

Ever since I started this blog, more as a diary than as a blog, I have always said the risk of failure would always be present. I always knew that I could fall back to old habits and bad practices and I could fall in to the trap of rationalizing the indulgences and little snacks and tastes that in the course of the day would add the calories that would equal weight gain.

Gaining back 50 pounds is not a good thing. Not getting back after it is worse.

I am not happy that I gained back so much of the weight. I am pretty upset with myself.

I am quite pleased that I haven’t forgotten how I got to 200 pounds. I am quite pleased that I am able to keep my focus as I get back at it.

It isn’t falling that equals failure. It is not getting back up that equals failure.

I got back up. Now lets see if I can stay on my feet.




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