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The Company Holiday Lunch….

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Temptation and giving in on my terms

Every year we hold a holiday lunch at the plant for all employees. Well, actually we hold four lunches, one for each of the three shifts and one for the remote location warehouse.

Be that as it may…

A local Portuguese-Spanish restaurant caters the meal. The food is fantastic. Paella with Spanish sausage and seafood, chicken with artichokes and lemon sauce, grilled vegetables, parsley potatoes, saffron rice, pasta in cream sauce, flan, etc. etc.

We could have easily feed twice as many people…

Knowing that today was the lunch, I gave a great deal of thought to the risks. Much of the food I wouldn’t eat because it is red meat or poultry. I will on occasion east seafood by the paella had red meat in it so I knew I would pass on that.

The plan was this: a super light breakfast.

For lunch, some of the grilled vegetables, a bit of rice, a taste of the pasta, some potato and one of the incredible Portuguese rolls.

A light dinner and evening snack.

And then: Hope it comes in on target for calories.

And the plan worked.

Well, I did have two of the rolls.

Dinner was sweet potato and cabbage soup. SO So So good.

And I come in at 400 calories below the target for today.

Planning the day works.


One thought on “The Company Holiday Lunch….

  1. That’s a great approach! You limit and make choices that provide balance – something delicious you enjoy like a roll…or two…but you don’t go crazy and create regret.

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