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A Lazy Sunday, a Lazy Weekend

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I didn’t do much of anything yesterday. I went to breakfast with the Younger One and bummed around the bike shop for an hour. Otherwise I was sedentary….

It’s alright, I needed the rest after a particularly long hard week at work.

I relaxed, puttered around the house, chatted with Missus, watched some Bowl Games, and did a little work on the computer.

All good.

Sometimes one needs a day like that. I did. And I feel good about it.


veggie soupI am cooking today; a big pot of “Everything in the pot” veggie soup. I clean out the frozen and canned veggies, toss in what ever fresh veggies we have and make a huge pot of soup that will carry us for a couple of weeks.

It is low in calories, high in nutrition and, most importantly, delicious.

I was thinking of a hike today but decided another day of rest would be a good idea. I am taking a vacation day tomorrow and perhaps I will take a hike in the nearby county park.

The Shoulder

I had no pain while riding last weekend on my short ride and less stiffness than I anticipated afterwards. The next day was painful as I moved the shoulder in a way it didn’t want to be moved and it let me know that was a bad idea. Tuesday or Wednesday I hurt it again when I pushed off on the arm. Have to learn not to do those things. Just the shoulder’s way of saying I am not quite “there” yet. The good news though is that riding did not seem to really cause any issues.

With that in mind I ordered a new trainer for my bike. It replaces the trainer I bought 29 years ago. It was time… Because I sell trainers I had a pretty good idea what I wanted. I did a little extra research, confirmed my opinion with some really strong online reviews from various reputable sources and placed an order for the CyleOps Fluid2. I figured it was time to retire the old trainer.

I will set the trainer up in the den and get in some time in the saddle and start to build back some fitness. Riding a trainer can be as boring as watching grass die but it is a necessary evil if I am going to build back fitness and cycling leg strength.

Planning for the New Year (assuming I will be healthy)

It will be a challenge to get in all the riding I would like to do. There is no way to know if the early spring will have favorable weather, if my schedule will permit the weekend charity rides I love, if my shoulder will be healthy enough for me to ride on Saturday and Sunday…

The plan is to get back to 3000 miles. I last did that in 2013. In 2014 I rode about 2700 mile and in 2015 a mere 850 as the shoulder made riding hell.

I can do it. It will take dedication and longer rides and more frequent rides.

Maybe I can get to where I can lead rides at the shop again. That would be sweet.

I also hope to keep hiking and maybe do what I have not done in years: an overnight hike.

I am optimistic.



One thought on “A Lazy Sunday, a Lazy Weekend

  1. I like your outlook on this part of your journey. Very realistic with a good dose of common sense. Slow and steady wins the race. 😉

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