A Fat Man's Journey (Working my way back…)

An Attempt to Journey from Fat to Fit in a Lifetime. Eat right, Eat less, Move more

A BIG step Backwards. Or, how a new scale messed with my Ego.


It’s a Digital World

Our bathroom scale has always been a little erratic. Well, no. It has always been very erratic. Up and down a couple of pounds from one minute to the next… This scale, which we bought three years ago, replaced a very accurate but fragile scale. The accurate scale kept failing. The manufacturer kept replacing it. But it kept failing. This prompted me to buy a scale that had a good reputation for continuing to work if not for being very accurate.

This weekend I ordered a new scale and last night it was delivered. Batteries installed, put it on the floor of the bathroom, get on the old scale…. Step on the new scale. WHAT!!???

Hummm. Seems the old scale was under-reading by 3.4 pounds. Or the new scale is over-reading for 3.4 pounds. Sadly, I suspect that the new scale is accurate….

So it seems I have 3.4 more pounds to lose than I thought I did. This is a shot across the bow of my ego to be sure. Realizing I had gained back even more weight than I had thought…

It’s all good in the end I guess. The goal hasn’t changed, just the distance I have to travel to get there.


It is the time of the year when vendors to my company start treating us to goodies. Today our resin vendor brought bagels and fixings for the plant. I had already eaten breakfast (cereal and milk) and now I was presented with bagels, one of my favorite foods.

It is OK if I had planned on it but I had forgotten that the vendor was doing this and that he was doing it today.

No planning.

What to do.

I rearranged.

I had a half bagel for mid morning snack.

I had the other half for mid afternoon snack

I had half the lunch I had planned.

With dinner tonight I am at 1600 calories for the day.


I can flex after all, if I am careful…

Next week is the BIG holiday lunch. Oh boy…. Better put it on my schedule…

The Trainer

To a cyclist in the northern part of the country winter means much less outdoor cycling (not for all but for most) and that means the bike goes on the trainer. Mine will be mounted up as soon as I finish this post.

Most riders really view the trainer as a love/hate sort of thing. Love the fact that it help us maintain our conditioning. HATE the riding.

Truth is that under best of circumstances it is boring. The scenery doesn’t change. There is no wind over our body. There are no sweeping turns, fun downhill’s, challenging climbs. Even with the various computer simulations available it cannot rival the outdoor experience.

For me it isn’t so bad. I put on the headsets, crank up the playlist and I zone out for an hour of pedaling. Not really all that bad a thing. Still, I will miss being outside…

Thank you for welcoming me back

I am surprised but the number of hits my blog is getting. I hadn’t written in so long that I was certain I must have lost any followers I had. I am getting comments and the numbers of reads is pretty good. Makes me feel good and it inspires me.

Thank you for welcoming me back.

The blog has always been a driver for me. Sit down, get the thoughts out and hash through the issues. Still works this way and the encouragement I get from the comments and just the fact that some one is reading this is a really wonderful thing.


I appreciate it.



3 thoughts on “A BIG step Backwards. Or, how a new scale messed with my Ego.

  1. I missed your blogs and wondering how you are doing? So glad to have you back. I walk on a treadmill equally boring but it beats dealing with traffic, traffic lights skateboard riders and cyclists riding on the sidewalk (for good reason but i have almost been run down a few times) so I deal with the treadmill and put on music loudly and away I walk!

  2. I’m trying to get the nerve up to ride my bike. I’m so afraid of falling. I think your Blog is helping me conquer my fears.

  3. For now I’m just walking and having a dog helps to get me outside. Luckily she loves the snow and I go as far as she wants. So far getting my 10 000 daily steps hasn’t been too difficult.

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