A Fat Man's Journey (Working my way back…)

An Attempt to Journey from Fat to Fit in a Lifetime. Eat right, Eat less, Move more

Holiday Weekend


Time to Relax

Left work at a little after 4:00 PM today. Fought my way past the largest mall in New Jersey in heavy traffic. Finally passed the mall and like magic the roads opened up and I had no more delays on my way home. Into the driveway, into the house, sit at the kitchen table, a nice dinner of steamed vegetables and a salad (to make up for the holiday lunch at work) and now… Time to relax.

We have no real plans this weekend other than the pizza-fest on Christmas Day. I have Monday off because Christmas falls on a Sunday so we get the holiday on Monday.

Maybe a hike tomorrow or on Monday, maybe a bike-ride if it is warm enough. The knee is still aching but I can put pressure on it so I am not concerned. Just a little pain to ignore…

Mostly I am looking forward to having time to relax. The factory I run is not in operation this weekend so I don’t need to be available by phone. The shop is closed Sunday for Christmas Day so I am not working on Sunday. The plant doesn’t open again until Tuesday…

I have time to relax. Get out for a walk or a hike. Spend time with my boys and Missus. Play with the dogs. Mostly, relax and do what ever I want. No demands on my time.

This is good.


I am still thinking about the errors I made that allowed some of the weight to come back. I stopped tracking everything I eat. That was a mistake. The head plays games. You forget you had that sandwich…   I also allowed my snacks to grow in size. When I started the Journey my evening snack was a slice of bread and a slice of cheese. Then the snack grew and became a bowl of cereal. Then it grew some more and it became a bagel and cream cheese. You get the idea. Meals grew larger. WE were making meals at the stovetop. That is to say, single serving on to the plate at the stove and then served. No bowls of food on the table. No serving dishes. No second servings. We drifted from that.

I keep searching for the places the plan went off track. The more I find, the better chance I have of righting things. More and more of the mistakes, the places of drift, are surfacing. We are fixing them.

I am back to tracking EVERYTHING I eat.

WE are back to single servings plated at the stove. The exception is a dinner like tonight. Salad and steamed veggies. Very hard to go over on that.

On Sunday I will eat very lightly leading up to Pizza-Fest. Then I will enjoy.


img_3678I make really good homemade pizza. I mean REALLY GOOD. Not as good as the best pizza joints (I can’t get the oven that hot) but it is still very good. Most important, the boys love it. SO we have decided to make Pizza-Fest a part of our holiday tradition. It started with Thanksgiving. With just the four of us, a big fancy meal seemed a bit silly. SO We decided to make pizza. Everyone gets to pick his or her own toppings and we have a good deal of fun. The boys love pepperoni. Danny also loves mushrooms on his pizza. Missus and I enjoy mushrooms, olives, peppers, sundried tomato, artichoke hearts….

You get the idea. I can bake two pizzas at a time so I get all four ready and get them going.

We have a good deal of fun and it is the time together that makes the holidays so special for us.


I wish everyone reading this blog much love, joy and togetherness for the holidays, whatever holiday you observe. I hope you are with family or friends, and surrounded by love.


4 thoughts on “Holiday Weekend

  1. Happy Haunakuh! Enjoy your down time. Yesterday I bought a bell helmet and plan to ride starting on Christmas Eve. You’ve been such an inspiration to me.

  2. Dear Mark,

    Nice heart warming blog!

    Your friend,

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