A Fat Man's Journey (Working my way back…)

An Attempt to Journey from Fat to Fit in a Lifetime. Eat right, Eat less, Move more




Fighting again, you said.

Fighting again, you said again.  Fighting still and fighting more and angry words were spoken.

Fighting again, you said.

Fighting again, you said again.  Angry tones and harsh expressions you said.

Just as before, fighting again.


Hard to remember you said.

Hard to remember when it was easy to remember sweet words and delicate touches.  Hard to remember the days when it was love again and again.

Hard to remember gentle tones and soft embraces.

Just as before, hard to remember again.


Alone again, you said.

Alone again, you said again.  Sitting lonely in empty rooms, each sound amplified by the echo off bare walls.  Hollow and empty you said again.

Alone again, you said again, in an empty room in an empty house.

Just as before, you said, alone again.


Fighting again, you said, but you never say why.

You never understood, you said again.  Why did we fight again.

Why the angry tones, why the harsh expression you asked.

No clue you said, no clue you said again.

Just as before, no clue again


Crying again I see.

I see you crying again.

Crying in the empty rooms, remembering the fights but not the love.

You are crying again.   Crying still and crying more, I hear the anguished tones and desperate expressions.

Just as before, I hear them again.


Fighting yourself again, I see.

I see you fighting yourself again.

Nothing can I offer you I say to you again.  Nothing I can do to help you again.

Just as before, I can only watch you cry again.

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